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Pentheon Thế hệ mới


Khi Holmatro ra mắt dòng sản phẩm cứu hộ Pentheon Series vào năm 2020, các lực lượng cứu hộ ban đầu trên toàn thế giới đã trở thành một phần của cuộc cách mạng.

Chúng tôi đã cho bạn cơ hội tận mắt khám phá hiệu suất không giới chế cho mọi nhiệm vụ.

Trong nhiều năm qua, các thiết bị cắt, banh, kích và banh cắt kết hợp chạy pin của chúng tôi đã trở thành một phần không thể thiếu trong các hoạt động cứu hộ. Và giờ đây, chúng tôi mang đến cho bạn mức hiệu suất, khả năng sử dụng, khả năng kết nối và khả năng bảo dưỡng không giống bất kỳ thiết bị nào bạn từng thấy trước đây.





Unrivaled performance

When you explore the power of Pentheon, you will have the fastest and most advanced rescue tools in the world. Whether you need speed, precision or durability, Pentheon always delivers an extraordinary level of performance. Enabling you in making every rescue operation successful.


Precision. Shifted into overdrive.

Speed, efficiency and a prolonged battery life? With the next-gen Pentheon Series, both power and time are on your side. As is flexibility. You can effortlessly switch between training and high speed mode and benefit from Pentheon’s patented Stepless Speed Maximization in each mode.

Precision. Shifted into overdrive v2


In control with a twist of the wrist.

The unparalleled speed of Pentheon is most useful when dosed. That’s why the clever two-speed inline control handle lets you take full command. Easily switch between high- and low-speed at any time and experience stepless speed, proportional to how far you turn the handle.

In control with a twist of the wrist-1


Power that lasts a lifetime.

The next-gen Pentheon Series takes durability to the max. Literally. Whether you use your tools for the first time, or arrive at an incident with equipment that’s been used countless times, a smart sensor ensures that you’ll always have access to constant, maximum power.

Power that lasts a lifetime v2


This battery gives it all. And more.

Cordless yet mighty, Pentheon is miles ahead in terms of uninterrupted operating time. The battery delivers optimum performance while the mechatronic drive technology ensures unmatched efficiency. And thanks to automated start/stop and temperature monitoring, there is no energy waste.

This battery gives it all. And more


Superior usability

Combining flawless performance with first-class handling has always been one of Pentheon’s main goals. The tools must be an extension of you, the first responder. Our next-gen Series forms no exception to this mission. No matter the challenge, Pentheon’s ergonomic design gives you the upper hand in taking it on effortlessly.


Supercharged and 100% ready.

Charging your tools is a breeze: thanks to intelligent On-Tool Charging you’re always ready for action. And when using a power outlet you can connect three chargers to one outlet, allowing you to charge up to six Holmatro batteries simultaneously. Batteries that can also be used to power OmniLock struts.

Supercharged and 100% ready v1


Go at it from every possible angle

Experience ultimate freedom in accessing vehicles with the unique 360° inline control handle and indestructible 360° carrying handle that goes around the tool. With the next-gen Pentheon Series, there’s nothing holding you back in flawlessly executing every move.

Go at it from every possible angle v1


LED it guide you.

Knowledge is power. That’s why all Pentheon tools, batteries and chargers have LED indicators that give you crystal clear feedback. Updating you on tool temperature, battery temperature, state of charge and state of health, and also giving you an alert if service is needed.

LED it guide you v2


Withstand the elements.

You are able to perform under all imaginable weather conditions. And so is Pentheon. Every tool can operate at high and low outdoor temperatures, withstand rain and snow, and can even be used under water. Enabling you to continue your mission no matter what.

Withstand the elements v1-1


Make yourself heard.

Pentheon’s new and improved drive system not only gives you power and efficiency, it also ensures tool operation at a lower sound level. Extremely useful in allowing you to better communicate at a rescue scene and preventing the increase of patients’ stress.

Make yourself heard v1-1


Advanced connectivity

Holmatro leads the way in implementing technological innovations. With the undeniable importance of smart products and connectedness in mind, the next-gen Pentheon Series is packed with connectivity features such as Bluetooth® and a dedicated app that will receive additional features in the near future!


Intuitively insightful.

Transform your phone or tablet into an extension of your tools with the sophisticated MyHolmatro app. Simply connect Pentheon via Bluetooth® and the app will provide realtime tool insights such as battery state of charge and working pressure. Assisting you in getting the most out of every operation.

Intuitively insightful v3


All. Systems. Go.

Bluetooth® connectivity contributes to keeping your tools in perfect working condition. The MyHolmatro app can quickly and easily perform an automated Self Check. The drive system, speed, pressure, and battery firmware, state of health and state of charge are assessed, to ensure the best rescue performance possible.

All Systems Go v3


Exceptional serviceability

An unmatched uptime is one of the key elements in experiencing unrestrained performance for every mission. To ensure that you can keep on going, we offer the highest level of serviceability on the market. And if you or your asset manager can’t perform a tune-up, our authorized dealers and technicians most certainly can.


An incredible safety net.

You need tools you can rely on. First time. Every time. With an extensive software program, Authorized Holmatro (Dealer) Service Technicians can provide the best service for your Pentheon tools. It combines in-depth tool diagnostics with automated inspection procedures.

An incredible safety net

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